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Posted by Karen T Marshall on Sunday, December 22, 2013

About Us: Android Apk »The Trinity Kernel Toolbox 1.9.54 [Last Version]
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Author: Karen T Marshall

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Kernel Toolbox aims Kernel experience.

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Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 / Nexus 7 3G (Tegra 3)

Nexus 10, US Note 2, TMO Note3

Galaxy Nexus (VZW/GSM/SPRINT), Nexus S / Nexus S 4G

Android Apk » Kernel Toolbox 1.9.54 [Last Version]: Device must be rooted (by Stericson) must be installed rom up-to-date. (A kernel supporting these Android Apk »The Trinity Kernel Toolbox 1.9.54 [Last Version] is *required*.)

If Settings don't seem :

Update SuperSU, start let its 'su' binary.

Get Stericson's Busybox installer busybox.


Set settings.

Ex app.


Now s, do Trinity Kernel Toolbox yet.

Wa Kernel Toolbox was given root.

Now check were applied.

supports :

- Adjusting Min/Max Frequencies

- Selecting Governor

- CPU Governor settings

- Selecting /O Scheduler

- Adjusting Screen Off Frequency (Galaxy Nexus only)

- Adjusting CPU Voltages

- Sound control: High Performance toggle + Volume boost (Galaxy Nexus only)

- Color control (Galaxy Nexus + Nexus 4 Only)

- Contrast control (Galaxy Nexus Only)

- Adjusting Strength (Galaxy Nexus 4 only)

- USB Fast Charge Toggle (with plug check)

- Thermal Throttle Toggle (Galaxy Nexus only)

- Smart Reflex Autocomp Toggles (Galaxy Nexus only)

- Wifi PM Toggle (Steadier stream battery) (GN + N7 only)

- Menu functions common tasks easier.

- Reboot Widgets common options from Homescreen

- CPU Temperature Widget (Galaxy Nexus + SGS3 + Nexus 7)

- Statusbar Temperature display Android Apk »The Trinity Kernel Toolbox 1.9.54 [Last Version] (GN + SGS3 + Nexus 7)

- Restores trivial settings

- Frequency/Voltage settings restored if chosen

- Crash Recovery ( loops)

- Optimizes system independent from init.d (Great roms)

- Localized, German, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese (ROM must support languages)

provides easy access .com, however, t kernel Updater, It's a collection tweaking parameters one's needs.

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