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Posted by Karen T Marshall on Monday, December 16, 2013

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Maverick Pro v2.4.1

Android Apk »Maverick Pro v2.4.1: 2.1

Android Apk »Maverick Pro v2.4.1: Off-road GPS navigator maps support, compass recording.


Use offline maps even without connection. T , boating, geocaching outdoor activities.

* Google, Bing, OSM other maps

All maps automatically cached use. Use Mobile Atlas Creator maps maps from other Android Apk »Maverick Pro v2.4.1 .

* Share position

send address, GPS coordinates, link Maps map image.

* Navigate easily

Build-in radar shows , distance time point . See all locations from FourSquare .

* Save places

All waypoint stored file be viewed Earth.

* Record tracks tap

Tracks format be viewed Earth software. Share GPX files via email.

* Upload tracks

Free account .

* Trip Computer

Watch speed, altitude, pitch other values.

* Tablet-ready

Basic support devices.

What's Android Apk »Maverick Pro v2.4.1 : (Updated : Dec 16, 2013)

Address/places search.

Using new Fused Location Provider.

Support Android Apk »Maverick Pro v2.4.1 :

GPX (routes)

PLT (OziExplorer)

KML (Google Earth)

NMEA (Canon 6D, S100, etc)

Pebble support.


Better multi-touch.

Google Street View.

NearMap Australia (paid service).

Use external SD card option.

Android Apk »Maverick Pro v2.4.1 UI.




Download : Android Apk »Maverick Pro v2.4.1 Instructions:

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