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Posted by Karen T Marshall on Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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RPG Chronus Arc - KEMCO v1.1.2g

: Android 2.1, modded Play Store

: Venture through puzzle-filled dungeons back present! The 'Chronus Fragments' 'Time Rewinding', which place once every 10 years. be able them?

On their way Chronus Shrine , Loka mysterious man named Geppel gang. They dem Fragments. While Teth plays, Loka, character, rushes out cave own reinforcements. He , but Teth Android Apk »RPG Chronus Arc - KEMCO v1.1.2g. Aiming information Android Apk »RPG Chronus Arc - KEMCO v1.1.2g teacher, Teth, , who Fragments, Loka decides out journey. Accompanying him .

Android Apk »RPG Chronus Arc - KEMCO v1.1.2g familiar quests, but also dungeons filled , who grow story progresses. Also, 'Ancient Halls' towns, CA points purchase extra dungeons items.

- Dungeons

Set skills want- but be aware limited 'cost levels'!

In there puzzles which need solved. There which need moved, switches which need pushed something happen, even need use past which lie path. Even if a puzzle, reset just a button press, so it's easy times want to.

- Incredible monster animations

be amazed monsters' spectacular animations!

randomly find yourself when field, dungeons, start a battle if .

Battles commands, turn-based system.

Some enemies may be surprisingly weak against certain elements. It's always a good idea advantage these weak points.

- Class changes

In , change .

In order so, though, certain level, need gained certain items especially changes, which when them.

After a class change, 's title , /her level , but any learned magic be forgotten, character's previous status carried over extent.

Characters become stronger class change, so it's a good idea regularly!

- function makes play easy even!

There dungeons, how , etc., so 't be !

- Extra dungeons

obtain points depending number you've defeated, these points, access extra dungeons, fiendish puzzles !

There many items through easier.

*While IAP content requires additional fees, means necessary .



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