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Posted by Karen T Marshall on Wednesday, December 18, 2013

About Us: Android Apk »Infinite Dunamis v1.0.5g
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Infinite Dunam.0.5g

: Android 2.2 , modded Play Store

: A dramatic fantasy RPG Android Apk »Infinite Dunamis v1.0.5g man, magic, !

Offering a unique story, beautifully rendered world, classic battle system, growth weapons , Infinite Dunam sure countless hours -lovers ages!


One day while returning home from a job Royal City, engineer name comes across a young woman being attacked cave near . After fending off her attackers, he attempts her from a heap mechanical parts discover she herself robot! Somewhat curious Android Apk »Infinite Dunamis v1.0.5g what he onto, Luke decides her home her up, but little does he realize he himself tangled...!

■Customize Any Way !

Unlike other party members, Estelle's parameters do substantial growth when she levels up. Instead, she ability items called crystals, souls, her parameters unprecedented degree .

■Battle Icons

Dealing continuous attacks generates chains bonuses party.

Furthermore, progress, Gaia Icons appear center action bar, out effects according type, but beware...

■Weapon Skills

Weapon skills a weapon its proficiency %. After doing so, another weapon equipped while retaining skill. However, a weapon's proficiency does%, be raised much further its capabilities.

On hand, magic rings. magic learned rings.



Android Apk »Infinite Dunamis v1.0.5g:

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