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Posted by Karen T Marshall on Thursday, November 14, 2013

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Carmageddon v1.1.320

: 2.3.3

: Carmageddon original freeform driving sensation, where pedestrians (!) equal points, opponents bunch twisted mix killing machines. Android Apk »Carmageddon v1.1.320 anarchic drive-wherever-you-like gameplay -the-top surreal comedy violence. It’s racing wimps.

Carmageddon Android Apk »Carmageddon v1.1.320 real-world environments been turned in fields, where stay out streets peril. weapon, every level generously-ups a vast variety effects, adding a whole extra level proceedings. event to “play way”… Waste all , kill every pedestrian, or (perish ) complete all . Oh out – super-tough armoured patrol vehicles, they catch bad they’ll be down like several tons pork!


• 28 dangerously deranged Opponents

• 11 wildly exhilarating Environments

• Career Mode featuring 36 satisfyingly violent Levels

• Race opponents 30 playable cars!

• Multiple control methods: digital, analogue (mix ‘n’ match), tilt

• Ed control layout preferences

• Comprehensive Action Replay System

• Environment maps special effects

• Enhanced pre-l

• Buckets

• Tons

Plus purchases ALL (apart from one) !

Carmageddon requires Android 2.3.4.


Carmageddon won the “Game Year” trophy 1997 PC Zone Reader awards. Carmageddon 1 & 2 were “Driving ” 1997/1998.


Originally released PC, Carmageddon was h went sell over 2 million copies worldwide. Here’s what a sample gaming press thought time:

“Carmageddon , violent, vehicular fun...” - GameSpot 8.8 out

“Carmageddon, straight point, best computer games I've ever played… Carmageddon !” - Dun 95% Classic Award PC Zone Magazine

“Carmageddon games come along once blue moon. purchase.” - Escape Magazine 6 out

“ anyone dark enough sense should give go.” - Computer Gaming World 4 out

“So next time down coppers VI, just remember, Carmageddon’s controversy was there first, lot .” - RetroGarden


Stainless was Android Apk »Carmageddon v1.1.320ed Buckland, a veteran games industry going back Jurassic period , Barnden, who used hair like a mammoth. A team worked original Carmageddon, company today, although a couple kept manacled small padded room cellar.

Stainless Games well over fifty mad, dedicated people gender, height . They be Android Apk »Carmageddon v1.1.320 dangling precariously from a small chalky rock just off Coast .

What's new Android Apk »Carmageddon v1.1.320 : (Updated : Nov 11, 2013)

Controller support:

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Bug fixes improvements including:

Small videos 4.3

Graphical issues Galaxy SII Plus


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